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Being Calgarians we understand what it is like to live through yet another forest fire season, or Covid imposed quarantine with the kids while you figure out how to work from home while stressing if you’ll come down with it. Wouldn’t it be great if your home’s ventilation system were built with these problems in mind to begin with? The fix is possible and within your reach.

Recommendations published by the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRAE) during the height of the first wave of Covid provide three steps that can eliminate up to 80% of viral load present in indoor airspace: introduce outdoor air circulation, upgrade filtration, and increase air exchange rates. Click here to read the full article.

This all sounds well and good, but what happens when we are enjoying our neighbor's fastest growing export of forest fire smoke? Flow’s Home Fortification package includes an optional intelligent control system that will shut off outdoor air and circulate filtered, UV-treated indoor air until the skies are clear once more. Our technicians at Flow can monitor the status of your filters remotely and schedule a convenient change out based on actual performance instead of a standard season-driven maintenance schedule disconnected from the variables of real life.

Making these modifications will vary depending on the vintage and layout of your home, and even more improvements can be made. Our consultative design process will educate you to the possibilities while being sensitive to budget and logistical constraints when designing a project plan. We want to help you correct all the little things that bother you about your home or recreational properties at a pace that works for you.

Let us bring the outside, inside, safely, for you.

Flow is your one-stop shop for expert service. We specialize in providing Calgary residents with the most comfortable spaces possible. Whether plumbing, heating and cooling or HVAC services, our professional technicians are certified and ready to help.


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