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Fully informed customers are safer and happier customers.
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Inform & Empower

Fully informed customers are safer and happier customers.
Insights for You

We want to help and have built up quite the collection of useful insights into the questions that homeowners ask most. Here’s a few tips on dealing with your heating and cooling needs.

Covid Protocols

We believe it's important to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible at all times. This includes ensuring access to services which keep us all healthy, safe and comfortable.

We follow the safety protocols recommended by AHS for the safety of our clients, ourselves and the endurance of our service. Here are the protocols we follow:

  • Our technicians DO NOT come into work with ANY symptoms.
  • Our technicians are required to complete a daily Covid health assessment.
  • Our technicians are required to wear a mask at all times.
  • Our technicians are required to sanitize all tools before entering a residence.

We believe we can all do our part for each other and ask that you help protect our technicians by following the safety protocols recommended by AHS including physical distancing and hand washing.

Tips & Debugging

Air Conditioning


  • 1.Make sure your filter is not dirty or clogged.

  • 2.Check if furniture is blocking registers and make sure they are clean.

  • 3.Make sure the thermostat is set to COOL.

  • 4.Check to make sure there is no ice on the coils.

  • 5.Make sure the compressor is working.



  • 1.Wiggling faucets can be secured by tightening the mounting bolt(s) located underneath the sink. Sometimes a shim or wobble wedge can be used to prevent over-torquing or stripping the threads.

  • 2.Stinky water can be addressed by adding an activated carbon filter in between your main water supply line and your hot water tank to remove the iron content that feeds the bacteria creating the smell.

  • 3.Hard water deposits can be removed from your fixtures and shower doors by installing a water softening system. Not in the budget? You can mechanically or chemically remove scaling from your faucets by unscrewing the tip with your hand or an aerator key.

  • 4.Leaky shower heads and challenging water temperatures can be helped by removing scale build-up. Unscrew the cover plate and clean or swap out the cartridge, same as the faucet aerator. If the cartridge does not come out easily, you will need a special tool to remove it. Most hardware stores carry model specific aerator keys, replacement aerators, cartridge removal tools and replacement cartridges in a spare drawer that collect over time.

  • 5.Always be sure to note the original manufacturer or bring a picture with you to help ID the culprit.



  • 1.Faulty thermostat connections or low batteries can prevent a heating call. Be sure to double check the power source and if the panel is set properly in the mounting body.

  • 2.Furnaces produce water as part of their combustion products, which is called condensation. If the condensation line is blocked, your furnace will shut down. On mid-efficiency models, look for a translucent plastic tubing that may be pinched or otherwise restricted and correct the problem. On high efficiency models, look to see if ice has accumulated or a critter has made a home in your exhaust port.

  • 3.Low flow at the register can be the result of a packed off filter. Routinely check and replace your filters with season-appropriate filters. Be sure to take a photo of the filter that you have removed to ensure you purchase the correct size and thickness. Be sure to line up the arrow in the direction of airflow to ensure proper operation.



Indoor Air


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