Seven trips to the hardware store replaced in a single call.
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Seven trips to the hardware store replaced in a single call.
Expert Plumbing Repair & Maintenance

Flow provides maintenance and repair for all your home plumbing needs. If you have questions or concerns about an existing plumbing issue or equipment give Flow a call and one of our experienced, certified technicians can provide advice or schedule a service.
Plumbing Quick Fix Tips
  • Wiggling faucets can be secured by tightening the mounting bolt(s) located underneath the sink. Sometimes a shim or wobble wedge can be used to prevent over-torquing or stripping the threads.
  • Stinky water can be addressed by adding an activated carbon filter in between your main water supply line and your hot water tank to remove the iron content that feeds the bacteria creating the smell.
  • Hard water deposits can be removed from your fixtures and shower doors by installing a water softening system. Not in the budget? You can mechanically or chemically remove scaling from your faucets by unscrewing the tip with your hand or an aerator key.
  • Leaky shower heads and challenging water temperatures can be helped by removing scale build-up. Unscrew the cover plate and clean or swap out the cartridge, same as the faucet aerator. If the cartridge does not come out easily, you will need a special tool to remove it. Most hardware stores carry model specific aerator keys, replacement aerators, cartridge removal tools and replacement cartridges in a spare drawer that collect over time.
  • Always be sure to note the original manufacturer or bring a picture with you to help ID the culprit.
If you’re still having plumbing problems and are unable to figure out the issue, it's time to go with the Flow.
Time To Fix Your Plumbing
Get one step closer to fixing your plumbing problem by calling Flow. You can count on our experienced and qualified plumbers and heating technicians to properly diagnose equipment failures. Be it furnaces, air-conditioning, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, plumbing, gas fitting, hot water tanks or duct cleaning – we are just a phone call away.

We Service All Fixture Models

    Yearly Plumbing Maintenance

    Your heating and cooling equipment needs regular maintenance in order to perform efficiently and reliably. Maintain your equipment with an annual plumbing tune-up.
    Time For New Plumbing?

    If you think it might be time for a replacement or upgrade on your current Plumbing system our Flow Plumbing and Mechanical experts can help.

    Flow is your one-stop shop for expert service. We specialize in providing Calgary residents with the most comfortable spaces possible. Whether plumbing, heating and cooling or HVAC services, our professional technicians are certified and ready to help.


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