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Fly-By-Night Made Right.
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Innovation Meets Experience

Fly-By-Night Made Right.
About Flow Service Experts

The concept of Flow is core to our philosophy. It is one half of our company maxim: 'Connect. Flow.'. If connection is about the efficient combination of ideas, relationships and resources, flow is about maintaining the authenticity, vitality and purpose of the built result. We all deserve necessities of water, shelter, and comfort; we at Flow are proud to ensure these necessities are offered in an honest, economical, and sustainable manner for all. We strive to offer the quality and service that we expect, that we expect for our families and for our friends, and the quality and service that you should expect.

Mechanical systems fascinate and excite us. They have defined modernity for all of mankind by giving our shelters life – heat, cooling, fresh air, clean running water, sanitary and storm water protection and more as we strive for higher standards of living for ourselves and future generations. We are so proud to advise designers of such systems and to build them. It is impossible for us to unlearn the habits developed by our roots, and we are equally proud to launch Flow to offer standards normally reserved for privileged groups and institutions to everyone. Your family deserves the ability to live your experience in physical, mental and emotional comfort so you can grow and flourish without distraction or interruption.

The Flow Story

It started with over 15 years of success on large construction projects. During that time we never lost sight of who it was for: the end-user. People like us, our friends, and families. The person who lives and uses these systems, the person who should never have to worry about the temperature, quality or performance of their air and water. The person who just wants it to work as they expect it to work. The person who never wants to think about it.

Flow is here for those people. Flow is here for you. Flow is here to offer the same standards, accountability, value, and excellence we've been delivering our industry right to your doorstep.

Our Flow Standard Warranty covers workmanship, labour, installation, manufacturer’s defects and recalls, and on-site repair within 1-year of original installation date. Extended warranty and maintenance programs available that cover ongoing maintenance and repairs throughout the term of the extended warranty.


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Flow is your one-stop shop for expert service. We specialize in providing Calgary residents with the most comfortable spaces possible. Whether plumbing, heating and cooling or HVAC services, our professional technicians are certified and ready to help.


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