You have better things to do. Let our AC, furnace, and plumbing specialists take care of the rest.

You have better things to do. Let our AC, furnace, and plumbing specialists take care of the rest.
HVAC & Mechanical Service Experts

We are your home service experts. If you need professional innovation, installation, or maintenance services for your air conditioner, boiler, furnace, indoor air, plumbing or mechanical system we have specialists who can help. We specialize in making sure your home's climate is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Proper home winterization can help reduce future service costs by 80%.
It Won't Be Cool To Miss Out on AC

The industry is anticipating another season of AC supply shortages. If you think you may need a unit this summer, now's the time to book...


We work on and install all makes and models

    Why Flow is right for you


    We are upfront and honest about all costs before we begin the work.

    Expert Technicians

    We are constantly providing our qualified tradesmen with ongoing training.


    We are open and upfront about the service that is required and what your expectations are before we begin.


    Our certified technicians ensure quality craftsmanship every single time, increasing the efficiency and lifetime of your system.

    Innovation Keeps Customers Happy

    About Flow

    Flow started with the success of our construction projects. Growing up in this segment we learned quickly how different residential spaces are handled, with a much looser standard of practice in defining what is acceptable. We believe that homeowners should receive the same efficiency, accountability, longevity, innovation and consideration with the maximum value possible. It is our mission to break down the barriers preventing access to a truly useful, durable and beautiful space by providing commercial grade quality for the discerning homeowner at a considerate price.

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    Flow is your one-stop shop for expert service. We specialize in providing Calgary residents with the most comfortable spaces possible. Whether plumbing, heating and cooling or HVAC services, our professional technicians are certified and ready to help.


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